In the rear, the C-Body 11-inch drum brakes are adequate for a driver car when used in conjunction with front disc brakes. And while we won’t rule out a rear truck drum or disc conversion for this car sometime in the future, we’ll just rebuild the factory brakes for now and get the car on the road.

So long as they are properly proportioned, 11-inch drum brakes are actually not just adequate, but a decent brake for the rear, able to lock up even large tires repeatedly without building excessive heat. New pads, wheel cylinders, and hardware from will get our rear drums in working order and our car closer to being drivable.

Of course these brake upgrades will only work if the tires are sufficient to control the braking action, so we ordered a set of new 15-inch radials from General Tire for the Newport. New tires should always be considered a mandatory upgrade, especially in a case like our car which had been sitting for many years. The 235/75R15 General Grabber A/W radials we chose offer good wet and dry performance, semi-aggressive tread, and 420 treadware, B traction, and B heat ratings.

These tires are light-years ahead of the skinny bias-ply tires our car was built with and should greatly enhance the ride and performance of our Newport. We plan to drive this car regularly, and new tires not only perform better, but are more resilient to nails and flat-causing debris, enhancing our car’s reliability. Time to go to work and get our C-body one step closer to some top-down cruising.

There’s no doubt that most Mopars are harder and harder to find sitting in scrap yards, or anywhere for that matter, making it difficult to perform repairs with second-hand parts. Fortunately, the exception to this rule seems to be the C-Body. These cars appear to have weathered the storm when compared to more desirable body styles, and we still see them driving around, sitting in storage lots or behind houses, and even showing up in the local junkyards. Since these cars were family cars, many of them were simply abused less and taken care of better than other body styles, then passed down to future generations of drivers. And while C-Bodies may not be as light as other Mopars, we still think they’re some of the coolest cars produced by the Chrysler Corporation. So even if you can’t find the part you need locally, we have several advertisers that deal in pre-owned parts. Just check out their advertisements in Mopar Muscle and help keep C-Bodies on the road! - Editor

General Tire
1800 Continental Drive
NC  28288