QA1 Precision Products

We all know that QA1 manufactures some of the best shock absorbers and rod links in the industry, but did you know that their recent acquisition of CAP Auto also makes them a distributor of tubular steel Mopar chassis components? QA1 has refined the design of the CAP products, offering K-members and control arms manufactured from steel tubing for most popular classic Mopar body styles. These components are lighter and stronger than the factory parts they replace, and like all QA1 products, they are made in the U.S. of A. In addition to the tubular chassis parts, be sure to check out the variety of adjustable shock absorbers and other Mopar suspension parts on their website.

Get It: QA1 Precision Products • 800/721-7761 •

Razor's Edge Motorsports

Specializing in late-model Mopar suspension components, Razor's Edge Motorsports offers quality parts to address issues common to the new Dodge Challenger, Charger, Magnum, and the Chrysler 300. Razor's Edge is known for fabricating late-model shock tower braces, frame connectors, and other chassis stiffening components, but did you know they also make lightweight transmission crossmembers and tubular replacement K-frames for late-model Chrysler products? Razor's Edge also manufactures bumpsteer kits and adjustable sway bar endlinks as well, to correct suspension geometry when LX cars are lowered from factory specs. If you enjoy driving your late-model Mopar now, it will be even better with suspension components from Razor's Edge Motorsports.

Get It: Razor's Edge Motorsports • 954/788-2348 •

Summit Racing Equipment

We all know Summit Racing Equipment is a great source for high-performance racing parts for your car and its engine, but were you aware that they also offer some great chassis parts for your late-model Mopar? Summit carries a full line of Eibach suspension components including coil springs, struts, and sway bars, with sport suspension kits that can improve the handling of your LX platform Chrysler and lower the car as well. We installed one of these suspension kits on our '09 Dodge Challenger and love not only the look of the inch and a half lower stance, but also the improved handling, acceleration, and braking performance. Pick up a Summit catalog or visit their website to check out the Mopar suspension components available for late-model Mopars.

Get It: Summit Racing Equipment • 800/230-3030 •

RMS Chassis Components

You may not be as familiar with the name RMS Chassis Components as you are with the name of one of their most popular products, the Alterktion front suspension system. This design has withstood the test of time, is available for A-, B-, E-, and F-Body Mopars, and eliminates the car's torsion bars in favor of coilover springs and either single or double-adjustable shocks. The OEM K-frame is also eliminated and replaced by the Alterktion unit with either manual or power rack-and-pinion steering. This suspension is compatible with nearly all Mopar V-8s, and just about any style brakes, and RMS carries a complete line of related accessories. If you want RMS technology out back, their Street-Lynx rear suspension installs with only minor welding, offering triangulated four-bar rear suspension with coilover shocks or airbags.

Get it: RMS Chassis Components • 570/443-7440 •


As Mopar enthusiasts from way back, we never thought we'd be saying this, but with so many parts, accessories, kits, and options available for your Mopar's suspension, there's no way we can comprehensively list the cost of all the parts offered by these manufacturers. We encourage you to give them a call, order a catalog, or visit their website to see what parts they have for your car.