Wagon Round-Up, Part 2 - The Sixties
As we observed last month, station wagons built by Chrysler Corporation during the muscle car era are attracting a great deal of attention from enthusiasts and collectors. The "kiddie haulers" represent a distinctive choice of Pentastar power. However, some of the rarest of the rare were built during the '50s and early '60s, with several models being Hemi-powered and, in some cases, being two-doors. Last month we looked at '50s wagons, and this month we're going to finish our look with what was offered in the '60s.

Chrysler Wagons
SeriesYr.DescriptionWheelbase# BuiltComments
PC1-L’60Windsor, 4-D, 6-Psgr., T&C122-in.1,120B-pillarless hardtop
PC1-L’60Windsor, 4-D, 9-P, T&C122-in.1,026
PC3-H’60New Yorker, 4-D, 6-P, T&C126-in.624
PC3-H’60New Yorker 4-D, 9-P, T&C126-in.671
RC1-L’61Newport, 4-D, 5-P, T&C122-in.1,832
RC1-L’61Newport, 4-D, 9-P, T&C122-in.1,571
RC3-H’61New Yorker, 4-D, 6-P, T&C126-in.676
RC3-H’61New Yorker, 4-D, 9-P, T&C126-in.760
SC1-L’62Newport, 4-D, 6-P, T&C122-in.3,271
SC1-L’62Newport, 4-D, 9-P, T&C122-in.2, 363
SC3-H’62New Yorker, 4-D, 6-P, T&C126-in.728
SC3-H’62New Yorker, 4-D, 9-P, T&C126-in.793
TC1-L’63Newport, 4-D, 6-P, T&C122-in.3,618
TCI-L’63Newport, 4-D, 9-P, T&C122-in.2,948
TC3-H’63New Yorker, 4-D, 6-P, T&C122-in.950
TC3-H’63New Yorker, 4-D, 9-P, T&C122-in.1,244
VC1-L’64Newport, 4-D, 6-P, T&C122-in.3,720
VC1-L’64Newport, 4-D, 9-P, T&C122-in.3,041
VC3-H’64New Yorker, 4-D, 6-P, T&C122-in.1,190
VC3-H’64New Yorker, 4-D, 9-P, T&C122-in.1,603