Plymouth Wagons
SeriesYr.DescriptionWheelbase# BuiltComments
QX1-L’60Valiant V-100, 4-D, 2-seat106.5-in.12, 018Slant 6 only
QX1-L’60Valiant V-100, 4-D, 3-seat106.5-in.1,928
QX1-H’60Valiant V-200, 4-D, 2-seat106.5-in.16,368
QX1-H’60Valiant V-200, 4-D, 3-seat106.5-in.4,675
PP1/2-L’60Deluxe Suburban, 2-D, 6-P122-in.5,503Slant 6 & V8
PP1/2-L’60Deluxe Suburban, 4-D, 6-P122-in.18,482
PP1/2-M’60Custom Suburban, 4-D, 6-P122-in.17,308
PP1/2-M’60Custom Suburban, 4-D, 9-P122-in.8,116
PP2-H’60Sport Suburban, 4-D, 6-P122-in.3,333V8 only
PP2-H’60Sport Suburban, 4-D, 9-P122-in.4,253V8 only
RV1-L’61Valiant V-100, 4-D, 2-seat106.5-in.6,717Slant 6 only
RV1-H’61Valiant V-200, 4-D, 2-seat106.5-in.10,794Slant 6 only
RP1/2-L’61Deluxe Suburban, 2-D, 6-P122-in.2,464Slant 6 & V8
RP1/2-L’61Deluxe Suburban, 4-D, 6-P122-in.12, 980
RP1/2-M’61Custom Suburban, 4-D, 6-P122-in.13,553
RP2-M’61Custom Suburban, 4-D, 9-P122-in.Total Included with 6-P  
RP2-H’61Sport Suburban, 4-D, 6-P122-in.2,844V8 only 
RP2-H’61Sport Suburban, 4-D, 9-P122-in.3,088V8 only 
SV1-L’62Valiant V-100, 4-D, 2-seat106.5-in.5,932Slant 6 only 
SV1-H’62Valiant V-200, 4-D, 2-seat106.5-in.8,055Slant 6 only 
SP1/2-L’62Savoy, 4-D, 6-P116-in.12,710Slant 6 & V8 
SP1/2-M’62Belvedere, 4-D, 6-P116-in.9,781Slant 6 & V8 
SP2-M’62Belvedere, 4-D, 9-P116-in.4,168V8 only 
SP2-H’62Fury, 4-D, 6-P116-in.2,352
SP2-H’62Fury, 4-D, 9-P116-in2,411
TV1-L’63Valiant V-100, 4-D, 6-P106-in.11,864Slant 6 only 
TV1-H’63Valiant V-200, 4-D, 6-P106-in.11,147Slant 6 only 
TP1/2-L’63Savoy, 4-D, 6-P116-in.12,874Slant 6 & V8 
TP1/2-L’63Savoy, 4-D, 9-P116-in.4,342Slant 6 & V8 
TP2-M’63Belvedere, 4-D, 6-P116-in.10, 297V8 only 
TP2-M'63Belvedere, 4-D, 9-P116-in.4, 012""
TP2-H'63Fury, 4-D, 6-P116-in.3,304""
TP2-H'63Fury, 4-D, 9-P116-in.3,368""
VV1-L’64Valiant V-100, 4-D, 2-seat106-in.10,759Slant 6 & V8 
VV1-H'64Valiant V-200, 4-D, 2-seat106-in.11,146""
VP1/2-L'64Savoy, 4-D, 6-P116-in.12,401""
VP1/2-L'64Savoy, 4-D, 9-P116-in.3,242""
VP2-M’64Belvedere, 4-D, 6-P116-in.10,317V8 only 
VP2-M'64Belvedere, 4-D, 9-P116-in.4,207""
VP2-H'64Fury, 4-D, 6-P116-in.3,646""
VP2-H'64Fury, 4-D, 9-P116-in.4,482""
Note: The ’63 & ’64 Dart figures are combined totals for 170 & 270, and rounded to the nearest 100.


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