1994-Indianapolis, Indiana, Indianapolis Raceway Park: 3,251 cars, 42,236 attendees, 1,031 vendors. The Grand Prize is a '69 Chrysler 300 convertible. Li'l Red wagon versus Hell on Wheels. No. 43 Plymouth Superbird races the No. 71 Dodge Daytona. Ram Jet is the production Dodge Ram jet-powered exhibition vehicle. Debut of the Viper Shoot-Out. Debut of the Mopar Nats die-cast collectible series with a '70 Plum Crazy Hemi 'Cuda. AMC vehicles allowed entry in Nats. The Ultimate Mopar Experience is the theme.

1995-Indianapolis, Indiana, Indianapolis Raceway Park: 3,512 cars, 46,000 attendees. Grand Prize is a '95 Plymouth Neon racer for the 15th anniversary. Bear Foot Car Crushing Dodge Ram performs. Bob Regal and the Hemi under Glass versus Bill Maverick's Li'l Red Wagon; Spartacus Father & Son team, and Geoffrion and Alderman run a grudge match and sign autographs.

1996-Indianapolis, Indiana, Indianapolis Raceway Park: 3,297 cars, 1,278 vendors, 43,211 attendees. The Grand Prize is a '72 Dodge Demon 340. ESPN and ESPN2 cover the event. Highlights include a Plymouth Prowler dinner presentation and the thirtieth anniversary of the Street Hemi. PPG Best Paint Award is given.

1997-Indianapolis, Indiana, Indianapolis Raceway Park: 3,325 cars, 44,000 attendees. Grand Prize is a trip to the new Chrysler Technical Center (CTC) and the Dodge Viper plant. ESPN and ESPN2 cover the event. A tribute to Mr. Norm, Grand Spaulding Dodge. Dukes of Hazard's John Schneider in the General Lee Charger is the Grand Marshall.

1998-Hebron, Ohio, National Trail Raceway: 3,097 cars, 1,385 vendors, 45,855 attendees. Mopar Nats comes back to NTR. swap meet is laid out in rows for the first time. Debut of the Mopar Nats Cruise to Brice Road, led by new Plymouth Prowlers from six locations. My Classic Car and ESPN cover the event. Debut of the restored Vanishing Point movie car, Dodge Ram Jet.

1999-Hebron, Ohio, National Trail Raceway: 2,987 cars, 48,928 attendees, 1,545 vendors. Highlights include a special NASCAR display of the Dodge Charger 500, Daytona, and Plymouth Superbird. The '63 Dodge Bad Judgment, Larry Morgan, Larry Nance, and Darrell Alderman run Pro-Stock exhibitions.

2000-Hebron, Ohio, National Trail Raceway: 2,897 cars, 49,783 attendees, 1,637 vendors. It is our 20th anniversary event, and requires both sides of the track. Millennium tent featuring milestone cars from 1962 to 2000. The theme is It's an Attitude. Debut of the Green Hornet's Black Beauty; 30th anniversary of the '70 model year with special T/A-AAR display. Speed Vision covers the event.

2001-Hebron, Ohio, National Trail Raceway: 2,962 cars, 1,666 vendors, 48,938 attendees. The Grand Prize is a 426 Hemi crate motor. The 30th anniversary of the '71 model year is celebrated with a special '71 Barracuda/'Cuda display. Young Guns debuts. Highlights include the 50th anniversary celebration of the Hemi engine, Indy 500 pace car and NASCAR tribute displays. The event is covered by Hot Rod magazine TV. Debut of the all-new Dodge Neon Pro-stocks with Darrell Alderman, Larry Morgan, and Mark Osborne.

2002-Hebron, Ohio, National Trail Raceway: 2,936 cars, 1,704 vendors, 48,388 attendees. The Grand Prize is a Mopar Performance 402 Stroker, and there is a Fun in the Sun tribute to convertibles. My Classic Car and Popular Hot Rod TV covers the event. Young Guns dedicated to Jake Maurer and his AAR. Young Guns drag racing class introduced.

2003-Hebron, Ohio, National Trail Raceway: 2,931 cars, 1,754 vendors, 48,373 attendees. The Grand Prize engine is a 380-horse 360. Dodge Ride and Drive debuts. There is a tribute to the Dodge Dart. Debut of the children's Match Box Drag Race.