1986-Hebron, Ohio, National Trail Raceway: 2,000 cars, 12,000 participants. The Nats moves to a bigger facility to handle the size of the event. the Grand Prize was a '68 Dodge Charger. Phil Dirt and the Dozers Band plays to a true street dance held on Brice Road. The Nats debuts event themes; the first is It's Going to be a Happening. Event goes from two days to three. All activities are in the same location. Vendor midway and swap meet expand. Debut of the Mopar Nats Burn-Out contest.

1987-Hebron, Ohio, National Trail Raceway: 2,400 cars, 17,000 attendees, 250 vendors. The theme is The Beat Goes On. Concurs show judging debuts. the Grand Prize is a '73 Road Runner. Big Daddy Don Garlits is the guest with Swap Rat XXX. The swap meet triples in size.

1988-Hebron, Ohio, National Trail Raceway: 2,800 cars, 26,000 attendees. The theme is The Legend Lives On. The car corral debuts. Grand Prizes are the long-lost original engines: 440, 383, and 340 found in the Chrysler Performance warehouse. Dodge boys have more fun with Darrell Alderman leading the all-new Team Mopar Pro-Stock challenge. Phil Dirt and the Dozers return for the street dance. That year also saw the return of Bill Maverick and the Li'l Red Wagon. Intrepid concept car debuts, along with the Chrysler turbine car. Dodge Challenger "Motown Missile" debuts. Dodge Candymatic versus Golden Commando's Plymouth.

1989-Hebron, Ohio, National Trail Raceway: 3,050 cars, 33,000 attendees. The theme is No Whimps. Grand Prize is a '69 Plymouth Road Runner in B5 Blue. the 426 Hemi engine celebrates its 25th anniversary. The lost 426 Hemi cutaway engine is found and displayed. OE certification and the Mopar Model Car Nationals debuts. The Sox & Martin '68 'Cuda versus Dick Landy's '65 Dodge. Sox & Martin '69 Road Runner and '70 Cuda debut. The '57 Pro Mod "Christine" debuts.

1990-Hebron, Ohio, National Trail Raceway: 3,150 cars, 37,000 attendees. The theme is The Big One-10th Anniversary. Gene Snow with his Top Fuel dragster and the debut of his Original Rambunctious Funny Car highlight the event. Grand Prizes are TVs, VCRs, and radios. Viper concept car debuts. Alderman exhibitions on his way to an NHRA World Championship.

1991-Hebron, Ohio, National Trail Raceway: 3,275 cars, 39,500 attendees. Grand Prize is a '67 Plymouth Barracuda Formula S. Darrell Alderman in his record-setting 11-victory season (NHRA record to date) exhibitions and signs autographs. First-ever SSA Dart/Barracuda Shoot-Out. Christine (Richard Earle '57 Shoe Box Plymouth Fury) versus Dodge Fever ('65 AFX Dodge) in two out of three shootouts.

1992-Hebron, Ohio, National Trail Raceway: 3,315 cars, 43,000 attendees. Grand Prize is a car trailer. Some highlights are the debut of the production Dodge Viper, a Make-a-Wish ride in a Viper, and a NASCAR display of early Plymouths and Dodges. Mopar Super Stocks take on Chevy, Ford, and Pontiac. Landy's Dodges now run McDonald's colors. The '65 Metro Parts Plymouth runs the Match Maker Daytona Pro-Stock. Hell on Wheels takes on the Li'l Red Wagon.

1993-Indianapolis, Indiana, Indianapolis Raceway Park: 4,003 cars, 49,250 attendees, 900 vendors. Mopar Nats forced to move to a bigger location due to the size of the event. Grand Prize is a '70 Dodge Challenger T/A. Ronnie Sox drives a production Viper to a new low e.t. Viper versus ZR1 Corvette. Billy Harper's Redline Pro Mod '68 'Cuda takes on the '65 Metro Parts Plymouth. The '66 Hemi Under Glass takes on the Li'l Red Wagon.