It's not just Mopar's cars that are collectible, so are its spin-off items, such as literature, dealer signs, neon clocks, and plastic promo cars. But one area that has escaped widespread notice is records-those quaint black discs we once used to store sound. Mopar has its share of cool records. We've put together a nice little overview, showing you some rare and some not-so-rare records from nine different categories. Some basic rules of record collecting are:

• Hottest years are 1962-1973. Prices fall off dramatically before and after.
• Condition and completeness are king.
• There are still plenty of hot deals on eBay.
• Prices can swing wildly. One record can bring $80, while an even better copy may not break $20. You can usually get a lot for less than $25, or even $10.

Bottom line, there is a lot of good fun in collecting records without dropping a ton of cash. It's an area of Mopar history that's yet to emerge. So here's a look at some of the records out there.