Popular Music
Because Mopars were so hot on the street and track, they were also hot in popular music. The Beach Boys kicked off an explosion in car music that ran hot and heavy through 1965. In "Shut Down," the epic story of a dragstrip battle between a fuel-injected Sting Ray and a 413 Super Stock Dodge, the Corvette came out the winner, but in an actual race in the early '90s recreating this famed musical event, the poor Corvette was lucky to escape with its life. The mighty 413 ran circles around it.

A Super Stock Dodge also stars in the Jan & Dean hit, "The Little Old Lady from Pasadena." The song has her driving a Super Stock Dodge and "the terror of Colorado Boulevard," despite a photo on the back of the album showing her in a '64 Dart convertible.

New Model Announcements
For years, standard practice was for the manufacturers to throw elaborate shindigs to introduce the year's new models. Typically, they would commission original music from prominent writers, hire Hollywood or Broadway stars to sing it, and host their dealers and the motoring press. Some call it "Industrial Theater." The recordings were handed out to insiders.

On the right is the record from Dodge's '64 Announcement show. This was Dodge's 50th Anniversary, hence the golden theme. "What a Thrill to Buy An Automobile," "Let's Write," and "What a Thrill to Sell An Automobile" are the tunes on the A-side. These records were produced in relatively low volume, unlike music for public consumption that was cranked out in the millions.

"Music for Modern Americans" is a promo from a Chrysler-sponsored tour of Thurlow Spurr and the Spurrlows, "...young and lively group of musicians and singers who are bringing music that 'really moves' to high schools across the country." Both are 7-inch (same size as a 45) 33s.