The Nationals Drag Racing Program keeps its successful format for 2014. Last year we introduced the move to running Quick 16 & Super –Pro on a 1/8 mile. Having heard no complaints, we will do it again this year. As one of the top Mopar events, we strive to have a competitive race with decent payouts to the winners. We continue to look for sponsors every year, and hope to remain one of the top paying events. As always in our past, we do honor our payouts. The Stick class is back again thi year with a payout increase even, thanks to Irwin's Racing Engines the sponsor again this year. The Basic Race Rules for racing remain the same; Vehicles must pass NHRA rules for the ET the vehicle runs. Helmets are required for cars running faster than 13.99. If you have any questions about NHRA rules or your vehicle, contact NHRA or NTR at 740-928-5706. We do allow multi-race class entries. More than one class requires additional fee for the second class. Only one entry allowed per class. Once a car is entered into a selected class, it must remain in that class, unless it is one of the classes that require qualifying. If the vehicle fails to qualify in that class, it can be entered into one of the other bracket classes. Only one driver per car is allowed, unless two entries have been purchased under one car. The following classes are available along with the tentative payouts. Payouts may be reduced based on the number of entries per class. The Quick 16 class will be divided into 8 door slammers and 8 open wheel cars (if the qualifying numbers are met) and run 1/8 mile. Each class will run off against one another until the finals. All classes are bracket style except the shootouts, which are heads up. There is an overlap on the Super-Pro and Pro classes based on if the vehicle is running electronics. No Throttle Stop or Delay boxes are allowed in Pro, Super-Pro allows all electronics. Vehicles entered in the Trophy class are limited to street tires (DOT approved) and mufflers.

Tentative Drag Race Categories/Payouts
(Payouts pro-rated, based on number of entries)
Category Win R/Up Semi 1/4 1/8
Super-Pro (0- 11:99) 1/8 Mile $2000 $1000 $500 $100 -
Pro (9.50-13.99) $2000 $1000 $500 $100 $50
Sportsman (11:50–up) $1000 $500 $100 $50
Quick 16 (8/8) 1/8 Mile $1500 $750 $100 - -
Hemi Challenge (New Gen) $300 $100 $50 - -
Irwins Racing Engines Stick Shift Class $1000 $300 $75
*Indy Cylinder Head Nostalgic Shoot-Out $1000 $500 $100 - -
**Trophy Class - Regular ($65 entries only) Plaque Plaque Plaque
FAST Class Plaque Plaque Plaque
* Heads up Start
** DOT tires and mufflers required. Super-Pro allows electronics, all other classes do not. See our website for additional information:

Concours Judged Show (Concours & OE-Certification)
Want to have your car professionally Judged? The cost is $93, and your entry must be postmarked by June 30, 2014. No entries will be accepted after this date or at the gate. This entry is for those participants who want their cars judged and will compete for award plaques as well as bragging rights. The Nats is one of the only Mopar shows that feature a professional Judging Staff that know Mopars and can properly judge your car. Entry admits the car and two adults for all three days. Judged /Tribute entries may continue to park on the judging side all weekend long or after being Judged on Friday can park on either side in designated areas only. There are seven major categories, and all require photos to be included with the entry application so we can confirm classification of the vehicle. If in doubt, e-mail us ahead of time with pictures of the vehicle by the June 30 date so proper classification is performed. Some classes have restrictions or additional fees. Senior and OE-Certified classes require additional funds, with OE requiring prior approval as this class fills up fast. Remember to include two photos (three-quarter front and rear) with your application unless entering the same vehicle as last year. Include copies of your broadcast sheet, window sticker, and any other supporting documentation for the OE Certification and Senior classes. (NOTE: Since this judging class may be full by the time this publication is released, be sure to pre-schedule for an available '15 or ‘16 opening). Judged Show vehicles trailered to the track must park in the approved designated trailer areas and purchase a trailer permit ($25). Show cars can compete in the Saturday Trophy Race and/or make a time trial on Saturday during the designated times. Judging takes place on Friday from 10 am to 5 pm. Winners will be announced and displayed at the Judged and Registration tents on Saturday after 3 pm.

Manufacturer Midway / General Swap Meet / Car Corral
Manufacturer Midway - Making New Restoration Parts? If you own a Mopar Parts or Service business, you need to be at the Nats! Where else can more than 50,000 die-hard Mopar Enthusiasts see your products up close and first hand? This translates into instant sales, just ask the vendors that attend. All the big name manufacturers are there, so why shouldn't you? Space prices are based on the amount rented, with discounts increasing on larger space requirements. Space sizes come in 20x20 increments. Remember your transportation vehicle must fit within your vendor space size or you must park in the vendor lot. The Midway is located up front near the starting line where all the action is, guaranteeing your company the best possible exposure. You can download the Midway application off our web site ( or just send a S.A.S.E. to us for all the information you need.